Blue Vista is a boutique research consulting company that specializes in helping companies understand people.  We uncover what people want, what they buy and why they make the choices they make to help businesses understand what can be done to meet customers’ needs and grow sales.

Whether it’s tracking key performance metrics such as satisfaction, brand equity or deeper dives into consumer needs and attitudes, Blue Vista has extensive experience providing insights that help build solid plans to help drive sales.

We put the customer at the centre of strategic planning and paint a clear picture of consumers’ needs and behaviour that can transform organizational thinking and set clear goals and performance metrics.

We are passionate about research. We thrive on building strong relationships and delivering actionable results.






Market research, customized to your business, to deliver an intrinsic understanding of the market to reveal opportunities to increase sales and grow share.

Get the answers to essential business questions such as:

  • How large is the market and what drives growth?
  • Who exactly is your customer? Are there different segments with different needs?
  • Where do they shop and what do they buy?
  • What do consumers spend and how often do they buy?
  • What is my share of the market and what is my potential?
  • What drives brand / store / product choice?
  • How do I perform compared to the competition?
  • Are customers satisfied and what can I do to attract more or improve satisfaction?
  • Which marketing efforts are having the largest influence?
  • Where do I need to focus to grow share and increase sales?


Blue Vista Insights